I remember being a young boy and being able to spend time and participate at the shop.  Both my parents would give me things to do allowing me to take responsibility. A lesson that I continue to live by everyday. As I grew into an adult and finished schooling with a B.S. in Aviation, I saw the opportunity to take the next step.  Deliberately working and sifting through years of experience from my parents and to looking forward to the future to create the new chapter.

Having had the opportunity to grow up in this business, surrounded by magnificently crafted history and traveling the world collecting unbelievable pieces, I was able to  open my eyes to what true passion really was.  Not doing it because it pays you but because I love it.  So I came back to were it all began and continued creating a legacy.

My mission was to create a Gallery space within The Zentner Collection  to unveil and showcase incredible collections of art, as well as to hold private catered events for museums and charity events alike. We would open up the gallery for  exhibitions for local artist and allow the space.

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