I have known Perry since he was a little boy growing up in Berkeley, and then came Jenny and now their son who represents the Zentner Collection. They began with selling a few pieces out of their basement to becoming the largest selection of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Southeast Asian art/decor in the US. I have watched them through the years, and even worked for them for several years, and I respect their integrity in business and appreciate their deep love for what they offer. If you haven’t been to their showroom, you should definitely check it out!

Andrée Morgana

Great selection of tansu, statuary, and various pan asian articles . Huge selection. Very helpful staff and longtime family business. A bit far from San Francisco for us casual visitors,  but we got there.  Recommend for those on the prowl for good Japanese antiques!

Tom H.Sedona, AZ

Zentner collection is such a magical place to enter, so much history in the antiques you could spend hours looking and marveling at. You can tell the owners love what they do. Not to mention great service and information that's provided on each item. Love my new pieces! I WILL be back!!!

Fallon B.Angwin, CA

I don't know what's cooler a museum or this place!!! MUST MUST check out! Genuine Artifacts.

Justis M.Los Angeles, CA

Excellent!  A real treat for anyone who is interested in Asian antiques.  Rustic museum like quality. A rare warehouse.  I love browsing their catalog online. Family owned an operated.

However, there are some serious family issues that affect business. After negotiating, I once made an expensive purchase. ( About a year ago.)  I was in the process of paying for it, when the wife of the owner threw an emotional hissy fit and started yelling at her husband saying that the item was under priced.  The husband excused himself to speak with her in a back room and I could still hear her screaming at him, saying that "no one listens" to her. He returned shaking his head saying that his wife was "hysterical - just hysterical"  and that he had to raise the price a thousand dollars.  Needless to say, I chose not to buy the item and haven't been back since.  I left flabbergasted.  It was the most bizarre purchase I almost made.

Cliff L.Sonoma, CA

Your authentic one-stop shop for horrifically-priced but genuinely antique tansu (Japanese cabinetry).  In the front you walk past the workers restoring the pieces and preparing them for sale.

Tansu are their own art genre.  They have a utility (holding your clothes) but their craftsmanship has its own set of values- generally, there are no "structural" nails in a tansu; all the wood is held together with elaborate joins.  The decorative metal plates are hand-worked and affixed with tiny metal nails.

Zentner also has other pieces, like the little household shrines you put in a Japanese house, or the many-drawered Chinese apothecary cabinets used in Chinese medicine.

Sometimes I go to Zentner and browse their stock.  From looking at the examples, their source and date of manufacture, I can see the difference between Japanese tansu and similar Chinese and Korean pieces.  At this point I can fairly accurately determine the date (within 50 years) and nation of manufacture.  Someday this will be useful, I"m sure.

The warehouse is huge and open to the public; it's like going to a free museum.  And it's not just me-  I actually saw an exhibit of some of Zentner's stock at an art gallery in Palo Alto (the Palo Alto Art Center).

Brian D.Oakland, CA

Very lovely selection. I bought a tansu and the staff was friendly and accommodating. They even polished it up before it was loaded into the truck. Thank you so much!

Jessica S.Sacramento, CA

This place is amazing! Exquisite antiques and Asian art and from ALL over Asia!! I absolutely love the atmosphere as well.. it feels like walking through a museum! the business is family owned and operated, and every one is welcoming, and extremely knowledgable! i have purchased several japanese tansu's from them and every time the transactions went smoothly and efficiently from the moment i walked in the door. And of course i am beyond pleased with the beautiful tansus themselves. if you are at all in the market for asian antiques and art, or simply have an interest in the Asian culture, you HAVE to check this place out. Im Completely impressed with the merchandise, and customer service. Needless to say.. They have made a regular customer out of me!

Savanah B.Murrieta, CA

Beautiful array of furniture!  Robert is delightful to work with, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I could get lost in this place for hours, you can smell and stare your way into a wonderful story of what these pieces have glimpses in history.  It's a great place to go for inspiration! But also...for furniture and decor. I bought a beautiful Japanese tansho cabinet with a persimmon wood accent that is unusual and very elegant. I'm delighted with it!

Highly recommend this place!

Romona M.Manhattan, NY

The absolute number one place to go! If you are an antique lover and looking for some Asian pieces, or if you just want a special something to decorate and add to your home.. This is where you want to go.

Savanah Baker

So I am redecorating my home and have been searching to find quality furniture with an Asian flare. I stumbled upon this gem on google and stopped in last week. They have at least four different rooms of wonderful furniture that I was able to feast my eyes on for hours! I was like a kid in a candy store.
I finally decided on two pieces of gorgeous furniture and dare I say, I will be back for more. I've read the reviews about the bug damage and infestation. I am pleased to say that my items are bug damage free and gorgeous. Prices were totally reasonable/fair and the guys who were helping me were genuinely caring, not just trying to sell me something. In fact the whole staff was pleasant and knew their stuff. All in all, I give this establishment 5 stars.. They deserve it!

Jana H.Murrieta, CA

I have been shopping at Zentner Collection for a very long time. I have always found the owners and all the staff to be professional and so very helpful. They are true experts and operate with honor. I would recommend this gallery without reservation. They stand behind their pieces and the scholarship they possess on most all of their merchandise makes buying here a pleasure.

Brent F.Vacaville, CA

Just stopped by this weekend with my sister and realized i've never reviewed Zentner... I love this place!! My family and I have been coming here for years.  We've purchased Japanese art (wood-block prints), beautiful wood panels, and a few cool pieces of furniture (that will remain in our family).  We've always been satisfied.  I don't think they'd still be in business this long if they didn't know what they were doing (40 years). Not to mention the Zentner Collection has the most impressive and complete selection of art and antiques if you're shopping for Chinese, Korean or Japanese style. Their warehouse/showroom is loaded with treasures if you're looking for quality.  This place is the real deal! I'll definitely be coming back :)

Erica L.San Diego, CA

My great-grandmother's glass bowl was broken by a carpet cleaner that we had come over to do some cleaning. My little brother found Zentner so we brought the bowl to them for repairs. First off, it turned out absolutely beautiful and my mother is thrilled that her grandmother's bowl was able to be repaired. Second, all of the employees were all absolutely amazing. They were so patient dealing with us as we waited for the 3rd party insurance company to give us information. I had to email and call them frequently while dealing with the insurance company and everyone was always super friendly. I can't thank them enough for their help and I would absolutely return. Thank you Robert and Jade!!!

Toni C.Hayward, CA

An absolutely beautiful collection of museum quality pieces.  I bought a Korean tansu that was the perfect size, except for the height.  Robert and his staff built a custom stand for it, which fit perfectly and looked like it had always been there.  Friendly, knowledgeable people and beautiful products.

Cindy C.Pasadena, CA

Owned and operated by an amazing family, members of which have been there for me when I needed it most. Gave me a place to stay when I had none, the definition of good people! You can expect the same and I hope you get a chance to know the Zentner's.

Rick P.San Diego, CA

Zentner's collection of Javanese + Chinese antique furniture is outstanding!!

They have museum quality pieces available for purchase at a reasonable price (for what it is). Jenny + Perry were both very knowledgeable and very helpful. I wish I could take home more pieces!!  My husband has my wish list!

Jenny S.San Diego, CA

Dropped in, looking for some ideas for a new interior project we're working on.  Liked the new fish tank set about 1/2 in the warehouse.  Helpful, supportive and unique furniture.   Gotta lot the assortment or rugs, opium beds, occasional and assorted furniture.  You only need one or two cool pieces to perk up a boring living room.

Tito Y.Emeryville, CA

The shop has many lovely restored tansu and other authentic Japanese furniture to choose from. I bought a kaidan tansu several years back and absolutely love it. I also found a great print of Mori Yoshitoshi's 'Intimacy in Red and Black' that was perfect for my wall. Zentner's is a treasure trove of items for the discerning collector.

Nancy Togami

Wow! What an amazing collection of treasures.

Super pricy and not for the thrifty shopper. Museum Quality. Honesty to make sure the right buyers find this gem.

If you are looking for authentic, historical collectibles- this is the place.

Great find! Don't waste your time with cheap imported crap when you are looking for authentic treasures!

Kimberly R.Oakland, CA

To my fellow antiques lovers - you must visit this place!! Antiques stores have been closing all over the Bay Area because for some reason people prefer overpriced, factory-made in China Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc. Zentner is a huge warehouse full of beautiful Asian antiques from Japan, China, India, Korea. Incredible antique rugs, doors, caseboxes, cane chairs, tansus. It's a treat to have a tour from the owner. Also, he makes custom made furniture too with hand-picked high quality wood. This place is fantastic, one of the best, if not the best, antiques store in the Bay Area.

Catherine J.Oakland, CA

My husband and I, novices I admit, can not say enough how professional and friendly Zentner is.   The gallery is astounding, their service impeccable!  Our research has shown that their pricing is fair.  Go see the collection!  You will be amazed!

Dena C.Avila Beach, CA

I bought a unique and fabulous 18th century Buddha from the Zentner Collection and a gorgeous 19th century Japanese two section tansu with the original metal work and finish. It looks beautiful in my hallway and contrary to previous reviews I found no termite damage. This is the second tansu I have bought from them over the past few years and the first is still sitting in my room looking great. I thought it was about time I wrote a review for this place, being that I am a pleased and regular customer. Really, the best quality I have seen among Asian antique stores and collections.

Karys H.Temecula, CA

What a place! You will not understand until you visit them. Huge selection of quality pieces from all over Southeast Asia. Stunning selection of Japanese furniture that is unrivaled anywhere in the US. Honestly I refer anyone to this stores that is looking for something special for their home.
They are a family run business, how many of these are still around? I have been there many times and always find something to add to my growing collection. If you are in Northern California, make a point to visit them. You will not be disappointed.

Daniel H.Murrieta, CA

When I die, bury me here.  That is all.

Great, attentive service.  We're not high rollers by any means, but we were treated with dignity and respect even though we were looking at pretty humble pieces (relative to the overall collection).  I didn't get that stuffy, condescending vibe I get in many higher end Bay Area fine furnishings stores, not at all.

In the end, we did decide to buy about 5 different pieces, all of which were actually pretty reasonably priced, and the owner even discounted some of the items (we didn't even have to ask).

So, to conclude.  Amazing, mind-blowing collection of artifacts -- most of which are literally one of a kind.  Kind, courteous, and downright helpful owners and staff.  Prices that are fair and reasonable, especially considering the nature of what they carry here.

Strongly recommend Zentner Collection.  But beware: I fear this may become habit-forming.

Michael Y.Berkeley, CA

Very cool place to visit to see and touch Asian furniture, art, and other things. The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly. They love what they do. I saw something that some of my family members would be interested in having. They have an extensive online store as well. Will definitely come back again!

Carla E.Sunnyvale, CA

THE resource in the Bay Area for Asian antiques for decades. Customers are made to feel very welcome to browse the enormous selection of top quality antiques of every type, for every taste,  at every price range. Prices range from a modest $100 for a handmade, solid ash antique stool to many thousands for exquisite,  collector grade items. This IS the store that Gump's WAS, so many years ago.  If you are looking for authentic, top quality, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai furniture or art objects, you will find it here.

Jan B.San Francisco, CA

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